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Cyber Safety Seminar

E Safety

Online Guardians are an E-Safety accredited organisation that visit schools to help educate students and families on how to be safe online. Our students were hosted to workshops covering the following topics such as:

Social Networks: Online safety, trends, privacy settings and group chats..

Healthy Minds: Disconnection, desensitisation, addictions, healthy balance

The Real Picture: Most problematic social network and gaming platforms. (data)

Mobile Phones: Age, maturity, cellular data, location settings, parental controls

Online Gaming: Roblox, Fortnite, chats, outside contacts.

Teen Culture: TikTok, Snapchat, influencers, secrecy, search history

Safety Online: Online offenders, parental controls, supervision, Wi-Fi, education. Cultures and Trends: Live streaming, ghost modes and artificial intelligence.

Strategies: Tools, ideologies, recommendations

After a very informative session our parents and staff enjoyed a delicious afternoon tea together. We would like to thank all oour families who attended and we look forward to our next Parent Dinner event.