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Cultural Knowledge

Aboriginal Education

Koori Room

At Briar Road Public School have a strong commitment towards all aspects of Aboriginal Education. Over many years we have implemented our Whole School Aboriginal Studies Program for all students from Preschool to year six. Throughout the program we aim to give all of our students an opportunity to broaden their knowledge about Aboriginal cultures and histories. We achieve this by developing engaging programs tailored the needs and interests of individual classes and cover topics including different styles of Aboriginal art, traditional games, Dreaming Stories, Aboriginal History, Music, Dance and more.

At Briar Road we have a well-resourced 'Koori Room' in which all the Aboriginal Education Lessons are taught. This room is Community resource in which other schools within the area also come to utalise the myriad of resources available. This room is also used by Aboriginal Community Members to meet for cultural events, informal meetings and discussions.

All students and teachers engage in regular cultural lessons that support and strengthen Aboriginal Education and culture at Briar Road Public School. There is an integrated approach to the design and delivery of cultural lessons, ensuring authenticity and validity within the content taught. Both teachers and students have the opportunity to gain cultural knowledge from our school funded Aboriginal Culture and Curriculum Teacher (ACCT), with teachers developing confidence to further build on cultural lessons in other KLAs. Cultural lessons take place in the Cultural Centre, which is a hub for Aboriginal Education in our community of schools. 

Over the past year Briar Road have won three prestigeous Aboriginal Education Awards across the State and Nation. These awards include The Australian Education Award for Best Co-Curricular Program, being Aboriginal Education 2018, The Australian Education Union Arthur Hamilton Award 2018 and the Nanga Mai 2019.