Briar Road Public School

Courage and Determination

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Positive Behaviour Learning

While we focus on your child's reading, writing and number skills, a fundamental aspect of school success is also your child's physical, social and emotional development.

At Briar Road Public School we provide a safe and nurturing environment where students become self aware and build positive relationships. This in turn leads to improved learning outcomes for all of our students.

PBL provides a framework for the school and its community where together we support the wellbeing of every student.

· Students respond positively as they have been taught what is expected of them.

· Staff deliver consistent responses to student learning and behaviour.

Students feel safe and cared for at school. The PBL framework builds positive adult—student relationships.

Meet our School Mascots

Be Safe


Our School Rules

· Be Safe

· Be a Learner

· Be Respectful

Our School Mascots

Our school mascots each represent one of our school rules.

Our mascots are visible all throughout the school to help students relate to each of our rules.

· Spike the echidna reminds us to be safe.

· Lowanna the Lyrebird shows us how to be a learner.

· Buddy the frill-necked lizard helps us remember to be respectful.